One out of every 10 of our fellow Montanans have served our country, the highest proportion in the nation. We must respect this legacy of service and sacrifice, and that starts with honoring our promises to veterans. As a state legislator I passed legislation ensuring returning veterans were given the same benefits as anyone else in Montana, and worked with the National Guard to utilize their knowledge to strengthen our elections systems.  I will continue working with and fighting for veterans in DC by fighting to:


  • Cut disability claims processing times

  • Ensure all provider positions within the VA are filled to address service backlogs

  • Ensure that every veteran has access to a mental healthcare provider, not only in times of crisis but in noncritical moments as well

  • Ensure VA wait times and Mission Act wait times are reduced

  • Strengthen standards of care for Mission Act providers

  • Ensure safe and reliable transport for all VA patients


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