Native Americans are the first stewards of Montana. They built distinct cultures in this homeland long before settlers colonized it, and they continue to do so as citizens not only of the United States but also of sovereign tribal governments.


The road to this moment in tribal-federal relations is littered with broken promises and terrible misdeeds on the part of our federal government. It is time for the federal government to finally live up to its treaty obligations with Native American peoples and be an honest partner. For too long this has been an afterthought in our politics. I hope to represent the eight tribal nations of our state with humility, an earned understanding, and the knowledge that every step we take is on native ground, from Montana to DC. That is why I will work for: 


  • Protection of the 8(a) Business Development Program and the promulgation of similar laws to benefit Native American business development

  • Federal ratification for Montana’s tribal water compacts

  • Modernizing the trust relationship between the federal government and tribes, especially the trust resource management system

  • Revitalization of Native languages

  • Continuing the push for federal recognition of the Little Shell Chippewa Tribe

  • Reinstating the original delineations for Bears Ears, protect Badger-Two Medicine from harmful resource extraction, and work with all tribes to protect culturally significant non-tribal federal lands

  • Vigorous enforcement of NAGPRA

  • Ending the crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women (MMIW), specifically by directing federal monies to tribal public safety and justice and pushing for re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act 

  • Ensuring that tribal governments have access to federal programs on equal or greater footing with state governments

  • Direct federal resources to ensure every reservation has access to on-the-ground mental health professionals and appropriate facilities to stem the tide of suicides that has heartbreakingly overtaken some tribal nations

  • Promoting and supporting Food Sovereignty

  • Ensuring access to broadband internet in rural and Reservation communities across the country


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