Tom Winter’s story is a story of how the healthcare system has failed too many Montanans too many times.


He’s running for Congress for the same reason he became an EMT, started a small, family business aimed at improving access to rural healthcare, and fought in the State House to increase access to affordable healthcare.


He’s running for Congress to ensure everyone in Montana, from every corner of the state, can see a doctor when they are sick. He’s running because he’s seen first-hand how our current healthcare system forces hardworking families who play by the rules to drain their bank accounts to care for a loved one. He’s running because Washington has failed Montana – and that needs to change.


While in college, Tom’s sister was diagnosed with a rare chronic illness that can destabilize her heart rate at a moment’s notice. Her diagnosis changed everything for her, and was formative in shaping Tom’s understanding of problems in our health system.


As a young man, Tom chose to make Montana his home due to his love for the outdoors. His sister moved nearby so Tom could assist in providing her care. While here, Tom, like many Montanans, experienced the struggle to pay the bills and having to work multiple jobs.  He became an EMT, helping provide care and volunteering his skills to his friends and neighbors in his community. And as it became clearer that his sister would have to battle this disease for the rest of her life, Tom knew he had to do more.

Tom and his mother started a small healthcare business that works with Montana hospitals to send nurses, nurse practitioners, and doctors to people in the parts of rural Montana hours away from the nearest hospital to ensure they receive the care they need.


While running the business, Tom saw how Washington was pushing dangerous legislation that could close rural Montana hospitals, jack up our rates, and deny people with pre-existing conditions access to health insurance. He knew he couldn’t stand by and watch as people like his sister be denied health insurance. So Tom rolled up his sleeves, ran for State Representative – and won. In fact, Tom was one of the only candidates in all of Montana to flip a legislative district because he understands you have to be willing to talk to everyone, regardless of Party.


An avid outdoorsman, Tom also holds a DNRC state cabin-site lease in Lake County. In the State House, he’s fought to protect access to public lands and streams. He also recently sponsored and passed into law HB 67 that ensures returning veterans get the same benefits and protections as the rest of us. And Tom has been an outspoken advocate for legislation that would prevent insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.


Now Tom is running for Congress because Montanans are struggling to obtain access to affordable healthcare because of the dysfunction in Washington. In Congress, Tom will take on the status quo, work with anyone with good ideas, and deliver the results Montanans need and deserve.


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