Good government

Money is not speech. Corporations are not people. Montanans know this. Washington, DC does not. Our state pioneered campaign finance law long ago. But after a century of progress we were robbed of our safeguards for a healthy democracy by the Citizen’s United ruling. 


We need comprehensive campaign finance reform. Dark money and the power of the wealthy overwhelm our elections. The ballot box is for sale. Everyday Montana voices cannot continue to be drowned out by out-of-state money or corporate PACs.


All of this occurs while Americans are kept from the ballot box. Gerrymandering, hyperpartisanship, and restrictive voting laws only serve to benefit those with money and power. I will champion national voting reform. We’ve got to fix our democracy. And we’ve got to stop letting people buy elections.


In our legislature I fought for commonsense voting reforms like online voter registration and stood up for the integrity of our electoral process  I will work for:

  • Ending the revolving door between Congress and lobbyists

  • Getting dark money out of our elections

  • Putting people over corporations

  • Running a campaign that does not accept corporate money, ensuring the peoples’ voice over corporations

  • Campaign finance and electoral reforms


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