Montana’s kids graduate from our public schools well-prepared for college. I will fight against anyone who pushes privatized schools that erode our legacy of public schools built for the public good. But our high school graduates deserve more than the false promise of a college education that entraps them in a lifetime of debt. That’s why, in the legislature, I brought forth legislation to end in-state student loan debt for working Montanans. In DC, I will fight for:


  • Student debt relief, so our generation can invest in our families and businesses just like previous generations

  • Federal funding/financing of apprenticeships and vocational schools at the same level as 4 year colleges

  • Ending crippling student debt for the next generation through a federal matching grant to public institutions in states with tuition-free public college through passage of the Debt-Free College Act

  • Expanding student loan repayment programs for those in National Service, like AmeriCorps


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