Agriculture and our Farms

It’s shameful that for too long Montana politicians have tossed on a flannel and boots or bought a trophy ranch thinking they can relate to real farmers and ranchers. Montana farmers’ income is down 50% from 2012. The wheat growers of Hill County and cattle ranchers of Beaverhead County deserve a voice as much as the transplants of Bozeman, and I will speak for all.


Ending Unnecessary Trade Wars

Montana farmers and ranchers built their livelihoods on the free movement of goods across borders, not just with our neighbors in Canada but across oceans. Our country is strongest when it faces the world openly and without walls. We must stop these unnecessary trade wars. Tariffs are a tax on Americans that hurt our farmers and ranchers. I will fight for Montana’s farmers and ranchers to export their products around the world by reining in the excesses of this administration’s reckless trade policies and working to restore Congress’ oversight role through:


  • Closing loopholes in the Trade Expansion Act

  • Enforcing oversight in the International Emergency Economic Powers Act

  • Requiring actual justification for tariffs under the Trading with the Enemy Act

  • Re-focusing our trade policies on the prosperity of American workers, from ranchers to farmers to factory workers

Property Rights

Montana’s food producers need the tools to thrive in a world that is hostile to the family farm. One of those tools is a reinvigoration of property rights. If you buy a combine or a tractor, it only makes sense that you have the right to repair it without the threat of a lawsuit by its manufacturer. That is why I will champion right-to-repair legislation, ensuring that no one has to look over their shoulders as they fix their own property, especially when it breaks. That’s just common sense.


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